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Paraffin Remover and Inhibitor QFL2800


QFL2800 is an oil-soluble product compounded with paraffin crystallite modifier,organic solvents,surfactants,penetrants and weighting agents.It applies to oil wells and pipe layings with high-content paraffin.It has the characteristics of fast paraffin removing,good paraffin resistance and less dosage.It possesses some dissolving capacity for colloid asphaltene.Chlorine and sulphur are not contained in it .There is no side effect for crude oil further processing.The speed of removing paraffin reaches 5.0mg/mL•min at 50℃.When dosage is greater than 0.2% of crude oil,the effect of reducing flocculation and viscosity is obvious .

Technical Specification




Colorless to amber liquid


Soluble in oil and dispersing in water

Freezing point


Paraffin dissolution rate(,g/min)


CScontent %


Organochlorine content %



Dosage depends on the paraffinication of oil wells and laboratory tests.For containing paraffin below 15%,suggest to feed QFL2800 at regular intervals. Referencedosage:once a month , single well:100-300kgs. For containing paraffin over 15%,suggest to feed QFL2800 continuously.Use plunger pump to inject it in pipeline.Reference dosage: every day,0.1-1% of crude oil output.

Packaging and Storage

Plastic drums, 200L/ drum or customization

Store in cool and dry place.Shelf life:24 months

Safety and Protection

Operation should pay attention to labor protection. Avoid  contacting  with skins and eyes.If contactig, immediatly flush it with plenty of water.