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Sludge cleaning agent QX1001


Sludge cleaning agent QX1001


This product can quickly remove the heavy oil, wax oil, residue, sludge, crude oil, in the bunker , oil pipeline, oil processing equipment, copper slice ect. oil-soluble capacity is very strong, no corrosion to all kinds of metal, Can be used repeatedly, non-flammable, non-explosive, safe and reliable. And easy to use,cleaning  heavy grease, oil residue better, good oil and water demulsification effect, when it is static, oil and water layer





Colorless liquid



Fire point





According to the composition of dirt, dirt residue, cleanliness requirements, cleaning methods, drying methods, and online experiments to determine the use of temperature, the use of ratio, cleaning time and other process parameters. Suggestions are as follows: scrub: all kinds of machinery, scattered parts can be used by detergent liquid directly  spray or brush: brush with this product directly brushing. 3% -8% of the proportion of dilution with water, the use of temperature 30-70 .

IVPackaging and storage

Plastic drums, 25kg / drum or according to user needs to determine the transport process attention to light loading and unloading, stored in a ventilated and dry place.

V. Safe and protection

1. Operation to pay attention to labor protection, the skin can not be long-term exposure, such as splashing into the eyes, please rinse with water.

2. Cold areas and the freezing point of the following storage may cause the goods to freeze or thicken, but the same performance.

3. Storage, if the precipitate precipitation, does not affect product performance, please stir before use.